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                                         “Quidquid praecipies, esto brevis.”                                                     (Whatever advice you give, be brief.)                                                              ~Horace, Arte po├ętica I’m on the second letter of my Year of Blogging the Alphabet, and when I thought about what I wanted to use for the letter “B”, blessing automatically came to mind. Plus benevolence, babies, baggage and a whole lot of others. So when the word BREVITY kept pounding me, I tried ignoring it because, after all, what’s there to say about brevity? It’s brief . George and Noah (that’s Merriam and Webster) describe it as: shortness of duration; shortness or conciseness of expression. It’s from the Latin brevitas , for brief and was first used sometime in the 15th century. So, in sticking to the meaning of this word, this is where I should probably stop. But, I’m a writer, and stopping (or being brief) is against my nature. Still,