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               aaaaaaaaaaaaaa         a             A        AA         a        a             aa           AAA          A                 aaa               a       AAa          aa     AAAAAAA   a       A           a      aaa      aaA         a           aAA      I’m going to blog the alphabet this year which, for me, is a pretty hefty investment since that commits me to 26 blogs in 2017. But I’ve been very good on Facebook, not expressing opinion about much of anything, even when I’ve had plenty of words and opinions. I don’t engage in debate or argument, though. That’s just me. Everybody’s entitled to what they want to believe, and I sort of subscribe to the ‘live and let live’ philosophy. But as good as I’ve been on Facebook, I do have some thoughts, and while they might not fit as well with the alphabet, I’m going to give it a try and keep my fingers crossed that I actually have 26 blogs in me. (Admittedly, the X week scares me.) So, let’s get started with t