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I haven’t had time to read a book lately.  In fact, it’s probably been a month or so since I last read anything other than what I write and, for me, that’s an awfully long time.  So lately, I’ve been thinking about the management of my time, as in, there’s not enough of it, and why does it fly by so quickly?   I’ve also been wondering if there’s some kind of New Year’s resolution I should have made a few months back that would have improved the way I spend my time.  So, I have this friend who reads Tarot cards.  I’m not saying that I believe in them.  They’re interesting, probably open to all kinds of interpretations.  But I like to claim that I’m open-minded, even if I really don’t know if what’s in my cards holds any merit or not.  The thing is, the very first card he turns up tells me I’m wasting time.  Me, wasting time?  Not a chance, I tell him.  I run a small family business that employs about a half-dozen people, I write, I do the domestics (although not as much as I shou