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Hello again! I’ve been chatting about music lately with the lovely medical romance author, Kate Hardy. We both share a great love of it.  She’s a classically-trained guitarist, I’m a classically-trained pianist, and these musical gifts we’ve both been given have greatly shaped our lives in ways we know and probably in ways we don’t know. For me, my music started before I was born, when my mother would play her favorites on the record player and know, in her soul, that her music was touching me.  My mother was a beautiful concert pianist and I remember being in awe, listening to her play.  For me, she never played enough.  I could have spent a lifetime listening to my mother’s music and it wouldn’t have been enough. Marguerite Holmes, my mother Mother put me on the piano bench when I was two, and taught me to play simple tunes.  By the time I was four I was playing Chopin.  Bach by the time I was eight.  Beethoven by the time I was eleven.  And classical duets...I can’t even